Dear colleagues:

You are invited to take part in the work of the International scholarly-practical online conference

Scholarly-methodological provision of the university education: history and prospects of development

October 2627, 2017.


The main objectives of the conference:

 historical analysis of the national of international experience of development of scholarly-methodological provisions of higher education;

 search for prospects of ways of improving scholarly-methodological provision of the educational process in the institutions of higher education.


Thematic field of the online conference:

 State of researches in the field of scholarly-methodological provision of higher education.

 Genesis of the content of scholarly-methodological provision of higher education.

 Specific of scholarly-methodological provision of various forms of learning and types of higher education.

 Higher school in the context of the societys economic and socio-cultural modernization: structural changes and their impact on the nature of scholarly-methodological provision of the educational process.

 Scholarly-methodological provision of lifelong education as a factor of personal and professional growth: from pre-university training to additional education.

 Renewal and diversification of syllabus-curriculum and methodological provision of the educational process in the context of higher education transformation and internationalization.


The conference working languages: Belarusian, Russian, and English.

Using other languages is possible upon a preliminary coordination with the conference organizing committee.


The online conference will be organized on the e-site for online conferences of the Belarusian State University. Participation in the conference and publishing the proceedings (in the form of an e-collection) is free of charge.


Terms of participation

1. To participate in the online conference, it is necessary to register on the website (or enter the system in case you are already registered) before September 20, 2017, go to page Applications and presentation, fill in the necessary margins, and attach a file with the text of your presentation in the Word format.

2. Texts of presentations (after their acceptance by the organizing committee) are converted to pdf format by the organizers, so they become accessible to other participants of the online conference for reading.

3. Upon the registration of the application, the conference participants will get an opportunity to leave their comments on the texts of presentations and take part in discussions.


The registration of the conference participants starts on April 20, 2017.

For the registration, please go to the link: http://conference.bsu.by/enrol/index.php?id=14


Requirements for the texts word processing

The following requirements are applied for the texts: the amount of pages 7 -10 (including References); the text is in the Word format, Times New Roman, pt. 14; 1.5 space; margins: upper, right, left 2.7 cm; bottom 4.0 cm; full justification (Ctrl + J), paragraph 1.25 cm.

At the beginning of the text, the author(s) surname(s), first name(s) and patronymic(s) are given (in Russian and in English), the affiliation, and city (left justification); the next line is the title of the text in italics (center justification). The first paragraph contains the abstract (50 to 100 words) in Russian and in English, and the key words (5 7) in Russian and in English.

Further on, there goes the main text. References are placed after the main text in the alphabetical order. Requirements to the References are given here: http://www.vak.org.by/bibliographicDescription).

Citations in the text are given in square brackets, with the number of the source and the page, e.g.: [3, p. 24].

All the submitted materials will be subject to the scholarly reviewing and will be selected according to the following criteria: compliance with the thematic field of the conference; compliances of the titles of the materials to their content; relevance, scientificity, theoretical substantiation, and practical value. The organizing committee has the right to reject the presentations which do not comply with the above requirements.

The e-collection of the conference proceedings will be completed and deposited in December 2017.

All the texts placed in the e-collection will be presented in the authors versions.


The conference is coordinated the BSU Center for Education Development Issues.

If you have any questions related to the participation in the conference, please contact the secretaries of the organizing committee: Ludmila Moseychuk (mosejchuk@bsu.by) and Alla Barchenok.

The phone of the organizing committee: +375 17 209 59 65.

E-mail: edc-bsu@bsu.by, subject: International online conference.

The postal address of the organizing committee:

Center for Education Development Issues, Belarusian State University

Prosp. Nezavisitmosti, 4

Minsk 220030





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