Mediation of educational event by means

of modern visual culture



In April 2016, an international research project Mediation of educational event by means of modern visual culture got an approval of the Belarusian National Fund of Fundamental Researches (BNFFR, Belarus) and the Russian Humanities Scientific Fund (RHSF, Russian).

This is a joint research of the staff of the Belarusian State University Center for Issues of Education Development (BSU CIED) and Tomsk State University Research Institutes Laboratory of Designing Innovation Processes in Education (TSU RI LDIPE).

The object field of the research is focused on the idea of intensive visualization of modern culture, which requires re-identifying communicative mechanisms of forming and developing the practices of modern education.

The international research teams efforts are aimed at defining the specific of the educational interaction and its pedagogical principles in the context of increasing the role of visual mediators, as well as at the innovative-educational specification of the methodology of governance and research in the humanities.

The final result of the research will be the concept of visual educational event, as well as methodological recommendations on its practical implementation.


The projects research supervisors are:

Polonnikov, Aleksandr Andreyevich, Ph.D. (psychology), an associate professor (BSU CIED) polonn@bsu.by

Kalachikova, Olga Nikolayevna, Ph.D. (pedagogy), an associate professor (TSU RI LDIPE).



Postal address:


BSU Center for Issues of Education Development

4, Nezavisimosti Ave.

Minsk 220030


Ph.: +375 17 209 59 65